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How Tracee Eliss Ross Maintains Great Skin and A Fit Body At 47


Tracee Ellis Ross is an A-Lister that needs no introduction. First, she’s Diana Ross’ daughter so she’s been in the world of fame for as long as she’s been alive, but most of all, she’s made a name for herself far from her mother’s who’s actually a living legend. Today, she’s a household name across the world. She is not only funny but is also incredibly talented. Safe to say she has her own way of doing things which makes her unique and because of that, she has gained the admiration of many across the world.

Source: Pinterest.com

She’s landed big roles in the course of her career in films such as Girlfriends which is how she got her breakthrough in acting, Hanging Up, I-See-You.Com, Reed Between the Lines, and Blackish just to mention a few. For these films, she’s won several different awards. You’d think doing this much work would have a forty-seven-year-old actress all tired, because those are really some huge roles that come with a lot of pressure, but no. She remains beautiful, proving that age is just a number.

Her appearance has as a result become a topic of discussion for many, with women wishing they could drink from the same fountain of youth. She’s pretty much skin, hair, and life goals. How does she look so effortlessly beautiful and healthy? Well, Tracee took to her Instagram to give her tips to looking great for grown women.

First on her list is to just giggle as much as possible. This is not a surprise because she is a person with a great sense of humor. An actual comedian so laughing and making others laugh is literally her job. The best part is she’s such a natural at it.  Another one of Tracee’s tips is to hydrate. We’ve heard this from all kinds of medical practitioners and trainers that drinking plenty of water regularly goes a long way in helping us maintain a youthful glow aside from keeping certain health conditions at bay. Tracee also advises that you should try as much as possible to get sufficient sleep. Most people don’t get enough sleep either because of work engagements, high-stress levels, too many responsibilities on their plate, just to mention a few reasons, but the star advises that you do so whenever you can. She also added that for you to maintain a youthful look, you should love with your whole heart and love openly. It might not look like something related to great skin but she is Tracee Eliss Ross after all, so she knows exactly what she’s talking about.


Just by looking at her, you’d know she has a love for all things hair and skincare and because of it, she recently entered the beauty industry, launching her very own haircare line named Pattern. Her products are meant for people with curly, coily, and those with tightly textured hair.  You might want to give them a try if you fall under this category.

Those are Tracee’s tips to being skin and body goals even after years of being busy and we’re grateful she shared.