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How They’ve Changed, Check Out these 18 Famous Female Characters, then and now


If you’re having a nostalgic moment and you might find yourself reminiscing over the movies and tv shows of your younger days. The shows that made a mark on you. They introduced characters with almost mythic qualities, indeed, some were goddesses, witches, and superheroines. 

These archetypal legends drove our popular personal culture and became the women we aspired to be, the women we feared, and the women we loved.  Let’s take a look at 18 iconic female roles from story, stage, and screen and see just how they have changed over time. 

Take a look at our list, I am sure there are many more characters that could make this list. GO ahead and add your comments at the bottom, let us know what you think of the list and who you would add or take off. 

#1 Wonder Woman

Source: pinterest.com

Let’s just go ahead and throw the cards on the table. These days, you can’t go anywhere, and I do mean anywhere without seeing a picture of Gal Gadot in full wonder gear deflecting an evil blast and charging into the fray.

The number 1 spot on our list goes to Princess Diana Of Themyscira (her official title) or the name you may be more familiar with, Wonder Woman. She made her debut in October of 1941 only months after Pearl Harbor.

America was looking for a hero and Wonderwoman filled the role with real feminine power and stellar grace.  Said to be modeled after Elizabeth Marston wife of creator William Marston and their life partner, Olive Byrne, Wonderwoman was a new voice for the feminist movement.

Some of us remember the TV series that starred Linda Carter in the unforgettable role. Until Gal Gadot showed up, she was probably the one people remembered best. There were several other actresses that stepped into the role along the way like Michelle Monaghan, Rosario Dawson, even Lucy Lawless.