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20 Celebrities Who Look Amazing After Their Transformations


Losing weight while in the spotlight has many perks. Celebrities have the best trainers, chefs, and nutritionists at their disposal. Not only that, but they also have the means to pay for any treatment they may need, no matter the price.

However, not everything is so peachy. Aside from having all these advantages, they also have to put up with the media following and scrutinizing every part of their journey. The media’s takes are often unforgiving and crass, and it seems like every decision celebrities make is somehow the wrong one.

Knowing how to balance between the good and the bad side of losing weight in the spotlight is, it seems, the key to success. It is not an easy journey, but making it is indeed possible, and these twenty celebrities are proof of that. Read on to see their amazing transformations.

1. Jonah Hill


We all remember Hill’s breakout role in Superbad. His portrayal of the sweet teenager Seth made the cinema world fall in love with him, and his chubbiness became his trademark. That is why his appearance at the Toronto International Film Festival turned heads left and right.

He appeared on the red carpet in a dashing black suit and, more importantly, weighing forty pounds less. The entire world was shocked by his abrupt transformation. However, they recovered soon, and they only had words of praise for Hill’s weight loss journey.

Although Hill was obviously happy and flattered by the reactions, he opened up about another aspect of it all. He was shocked at how many more offers and roles he was getting after he lost weight. It wasn’t something he had expected, and it made him think about how superficial Hollywood really is.





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