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Older Hollywood Stars You Didn’t Know Are Still Alive and Kicking


Let’s be realistic; time has a strange way it works. We might want to blame the fast development in the technological world. But film and television are able to remind us of our favorite movie stars at the peak of their lives. Isn’t it a bit unbelievable that silent black and white films were the normal thing many decades back? When looking back at the “Golden Age of Hollywood”, there are a number of things to be nostalgic about. That time period was the most accommodating for the best artists and screen actors to produce some classics.

But it might shock you to find out that a lot of these iconic men and women are still alive and kicking! It appears that some of them have won lotteries for good genes and have aged beautifully. There are some who attribute their good diet to excellent nutrition and others who appear to have many lives!

Robert Fuller, 89 Years Old

Source: fandango.com

Hollywood actor, Robert Fuller became popular after he took up a role in Tv shows like Wagon Train and Laramie. It pleased us when we heard that he had left his Los Angeles address for one in North Texas after he retired. Aside taking the lead roles in Western shows like the ones previously mentioned, Fuller is popular for his role as Dr Kelly Brackett in Emergency, a medical drama.