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Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid celebrate Valentine’s Day with romantic photos published for the first time


Source: Pinterest.com

Gigi Hadid feels more love on Valentine’s Day after she welcomed her first child, “Xi”, from her lover Zayn Malik last September … the 25-year-old model, the father of her daughter and the former member of the One Directional, 28 years old, they celebrate their holiday for the first time as parents, as Gigi shares some unpublished footage of the duo.

Gigi Hadid celebrates Valentine’s Day with Zayn Malik

Gigi commented on the pictures by saying: “I love you .. Valentine’s Day, I love Valentine’s Day that we will share together forever.” The photo group showed many snapshots of how they spent their time on Gigi’s mother Yolanda’s farm in Pennsylvania.

Zain was shown pushing his daughter Khai in a pram around the farm, as well as carrying his new cup, “Dad,”. Gigi had initially declined to reveal their daughter’s name – and she wasn’t showing her face to the world yet – but she simply changed her Instagram resume to “Mother.” Xi “over the past month.

Gigi and Zayn recently got their daughter’s name tattooed in Arabic.

Last month, Gigi revealed on Twitter that she discovered that she was pregnant last year during Fashion Week (February), when she described feeling “very nauseous” between the shows.

Gigi Hadid plans to have more children

Although she planned to give birth in New York City Hospital at first, after watching a documentary about giving birth at home, her opinion changed – in addition to the fact that the epidemic would limit the number of people allowed to be present at birth, Gigi said in a press interview that the first person conceived Khai It was Malik, and she continued, “I was so tired, I looked up and Malik was holding her. It was very nice.”

Gigi continued to hint at the fact that they both want to have more children together in the future, but they can take some time before they do again! “.