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All you need to know about Brad Pitt



Brad Pitt is an American actor and producer, known for his roles in films such as The Legends of the Fall, Fight Club, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and others. He won two Oscars and a Golden Club.

About Brad Pitt

Actor and Producer Brad Pitt was born in Shawnee, Oklahoma in December 1963. Pitt’s first work was a television series in the late 1980s, then his first appearance in the cinema was in the 1989 horror movie Cutting Class, then his role in Legends of the Fall in 1994 helped him secure a stable place in Hollywood, followed by other films such as Fight Club, Babel, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Inglourious Basterds, Moneyball, World War Z, and Pitt twice won the title of “The Most Exciting Man Alive” from People magazine in 1995 and 2000, and was nominated for the Academy Award for the fifth time in 2014 and also won the first award. Oscar named him for Best Picture as the producer of 12 Years a Slave. Pitt married fellow Angelina Jolie and later divorced in 2016.

The beginnings of Brad Pitt

Actor William Bradley Pitt was born on December 18, 1963 in Shawnee, Oklahoma, to be the eldest of three children of a religious Southern Baptist family who was raised in Springfield, Missouri. His father, Bill Pitt, owned a transportation company while his mother, Jane Pitt, was a family counselor, but Pitt had aspired to be an art and media director and studied journalism at the University of Missouri.

However, the young university student had other hidden ambitions that stemmed from his love for movies since his childhood, and his dreams became palpable in his last semester of studying at the university when he realized that he “could leave,” and so, due to a fleeting whim, he left the university hostel and rode his truck to the west to search for work. He’s in acting in Los Angeles and he was only two hours away from his college degree.

Pitt told his parents that he intended to attend Central Art College of Design in Pasadena, but instead he spent the following months driving a limousine as he worked as a stripper driver, taking them from one bachelorette party to the next, and also delivering refrigerators and trying to break into the acting arena in Los Angeles. For acting and after a short time he acted with a colleague as his partner in the scene in an audition for one of the clients, so that the client in a sudden turn of events chose a house instead of his colleague, and so on after spending only seven months in Los Angeles within a client’s house and a steady work in acting.

The achievements of Brad Pitt

Pitt’s first work was television, appearing in episodes of Dallas, the daytime drama series Another World, the comic series Growing Pains, and the short TV series on Fox Glory Days, which was directed in the 1990s. In 1989 Pitt played a drug addict named Billy Canton, who works as a pimp for a teen runaway (played by Juliette Lewis) in the NBC movie Too Young to Die, after which Pitt began dating Lewis (who is nine years her junior) She was 16 years old) and then they moved in together.

Pete’s first appearance on the big screen was in the horror movie Cutting Class in 1989, and he played with Donovan Leitch as a young racing star in the film by Sandy Tang entitled Across the Tracks, but it was a short role. After that, Pitt played the role of a soft-spoken, deceptive traveler, which the two main characters reached with their car in the movie Thelma and Louise, directed by Ridley Scott in 1991, and his performance gained international attention despite his short duration, and perhaps his mixing between the charisma of the handsome naughty young man and his manipulation of feelings, especially in an exciting love scene Him, along with Gina Davis, made him a true symbol of thrills.

As for his next few films, they failed to confirm the greatness of his talent in acting and to promote him as more than just a handsome young man in Hollywood, appearing in the movie The Favor in 1992 with Elizabeth MacGovern, the movie Johnny Suede in 1992 directed by Tom Cecilo, and the animated film Cool World.

Then, at the end of the same year, Hollywood returned to the spotlight again on the golden boy in Robert Redford’s 1992 film A River Runs Through It, adapted from Norman Maclean’s autobiography, in which Pitt played the role of the hunter-gambling brother of the main character (and he seemed like a younger version) About the director), and then Redford admitted that he did not choose a house based on the strength of his performance in the audition, but because “he had an inner struggle that was very interesting to me”. The performance of a house was a dazzling performance as he skillfully portrayed the dangerous character’s position between captivating beauty and destruction Self-deprecatingly.

In 1993, Pitt reunited with Lewis in Dominic Sina’s film Kalifornia, where Pitt played the role of Earley Grace, a man who wandered around the country with his girlfriend to be excessively murdered, and many insiders considered the content of the film to be deeply violent and nihilistic, so it did not score well in At the box office, the film’s main characters, Pete and Lewis, split shortly after filming, resulting in a media scandal.